We offer completely handmade, hand-dyed, originally designed, and all handmade leather products, which are cut, sewn, and polished by hand with great care.

We hope you will enjoy our leather products, which are made of high quality cowhide leather and become more durable the longer you use them.


MASUDA Hiroaki

~2011: Discovered leather craft while working in the web industry

in 2011 Started to sell small leather goods on Yahoo! Auction.

in 2012 Leaving the workforce and getting serious about leather crafts.

in 2013 Launched Leather Craft Luke leather goods brand.

in 2013 amazon store OPEN.

in 2017 minne store OPEN.

in 2017 creema store OPEN.

in 2021 Yahoo Shopping Store OPEN.

2022~ Lives in Hyogo Prefecture and spends his days doing leather crafts.